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MENSI with their three-decade long experience in the design and in the making of assembly machines offers innovative solutions and high-quality systems aiming at satisfying the different and various and sometimes complex requests of their customers, in order to grant high productivity without any wastes.

The main characteristics of the assembly units or assembly stations are represented by the total absence of downtime, by the fast programming features and by the quick and inexpensive change of program for different assembly groups.


1) Assembly Machines
2) Testing Machines

Assembly Machines

Assembly machines enable to assembly parts or subgroups onto bigger object in the following sectors/fields of application by using pneumatic, electronic and other systems:
automotive, bicycles, sanitary fittings, hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, gas valves, gate valves, ball valves etc.

Testing Machines

Testing machines allow to test the structure of the body and its correct functioning by using high-precision equipment, such as pressure transducers and devices for the detection of the value of air taken in and stabilized in the body.